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In the Real Estate Team TEAM MONICA CRUZ we are committed to your goals!

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With over 20 years of experience, our Real Estate Consultants Team includes professionals specialized in the residential market  and Luxury Residential, guaranteeing a qualified technical and commercial capacity in the sale of your Property, both nationally and especially internationally, offering you a set of specialized and personalized services.  

We are members of the INSTITUTE for LUXURY HOME MARKETING , which is one of the world's leading independent training and appointment authorities for real estate agents operating in the luxury residential market.

Our Team is part of the CENTURY 21 Network, more precisely the CENTURY 21 Tipy Family Projectus Agency in Lisbon, which belongs to TipyFamilyGroup - the largest C21 Agency in Europe and No. 1 invoicing in Portugal and Spain in 2019 and 2020 !

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Maria Bernardes


Barbara Racha


Monica Cruz

Arch and Team Leader

Real Estate Consulting Team

Pedro Sá Vieira


Project Analysis, Portfolio Management




   Mexico City Office

Our North American & Latin American local Office representatives, located in Mexico City, help Us to promote and Advise our International Investors, who seek the best options & opportunities to Invest in Portuguese & European Real Estate Markets, with local support, advisory and accompaniment throughout the whole process of property acquisition or investment. 

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North America & Latin America Representatives 

João Sá Vieira

Portfolio Management & Project Analysis

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Angel López
Business Development & 
Institutional Relations

   Luanda Office

Technical Partners

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Architecture & Design 
Real Estate Investment;

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Engineering Consultancy

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Architecture & Design

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construction works supervision
Engineering Consultancy

Legal advice

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Martínez-Echevarría, Ferreira & Rivera is a professional legal services firm, both for consultancy and legal protection, with activity in Spain, Portugal and Turkey for companies, families and individuals.
The current team has more than 250 professionals, which makes Martínez-Echevarría, Ferreira & Rivera Lawyers a modern law firm, completely adapted and prepared to respond to the most demanding requirements of companies, both national and international, operating in Spain and Portugal.

If on a day-to-day basis we always look for the opinion of experts , whether to buy a car or even a toothpaste, why not do it in Real Estate? 

Therefore, we are a Team of Real Estate Consultants composed of Architects and Engineers , prepared to advise and accompany you throughout the process of Buying or Selling a Home, ensuring greater security and confidence for your decisions!  

When visiting a House to buy , you will now also be able to see it through the technical eyes of an Architect, taking advantage of professional and specialized advice, which will allow you to analyze the property with all clarity, and make your decisions with confidence!

We analyze all technical issues and visible construction details, such as construction pathologies, (leakage, works, etc.) presenting an inspection report of the Property.

You can also know the architectural potential of the property, whether in terms of small works or a total refurbishment.

For Selling , we maximize the exposure of your property, on all digital networks and platforms, National and International, preparing your property with professional photographs and videos, as well as 3D Architectural studies that allow you to visualize the potential of your Property for all potential Buyers.

Integrated in the Agency CENTURY 21 Tipy Family Projectus , we belong to the Tipy Family Group , which was the first CENTURY 21 Agency in Portugal , and is currently the largest CENTURY 21 Agency (single Office) in Europe, and the N1 in invoicing in the Year 2019 in Portugal and Spain!

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