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SELL  your house

Find out how we do it!

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For us,

"The Secret is not the Soul of the Business"...

At TEAM MONICA CRUZ , we guarantee the maximum exposure of your Property, in all Real Estate Networks and Portals, both National and International.

To Sell your HOME , "the secret is not the soul of the Business"

If you want to SELL your HOME , don't waste any more time!

The "Whys" of SELLING your HOME with us:

know  how do we SELL your HOME ?

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Would you like to receive a free evaluation of your CASA ?


Why SELL your HOME with us ?

There are many reasons, but essentially because:

  • Because we offer you a set of QUALITY SERVICES as well as several Advantages that will allow you to get the best Sale deal for your HOME, without worries or inconveniences, as we take care of everything for You!

  • Because we have HISTORY in the Real Estate Market: we belong to TipyFamilyGroup , which was the 1st National Agency of Century21 , and currently the Largest Agency of CENTURY21 in EUROPE , and N1 in Invoicing in Portugal and Spain!

  • we determine  and WE DEFEND the BEST VALUE for your Home based on a detailed Market Study,  in order to get the BEST DEAL for your HOME;

  • We guarantee MAXIMUM PROMOTION and EXPOSURE  possible of your Property , National and International;

  • In addition to the CENTURY21 Network, dissemination and SHARING with all NETWORKS and AGENCIES   National and International Real Estate Companies, keeping us as the only INTERLOCUTOR before You;

  • Investment in PROFESSIONAL PRESENTATION -  HOMESTAGING preparation and professional Photos and Videos (Virtual Tours) , giving a QUALITY HIGHLIGHT  to your Property;

  • Investment in DIGITAL PROMOTION-   Digital Marketing Campaigns and Actions by our Team, the Agency, the Tipy Family Group and the CENTURY 21 Network;

  • Use of ARCHITECTURE and DESIGN to reveal the potential  and VALUE your Property ;

  • Constant MONITORING to the Client - that's why we work with few properties at a time, ensuring maximum focus on the sale of your HOME!

  • We take care of all property documentation and official acts, without you having to worry about anything!

  • In times of pandemic and confinement, we continue to actively work and generate business!

     And because in the end , SELLING your HOME is our GOAL!

Why WANT a contract with exclusivity  ?

There are many reasons, but essentially because:

  • This is the only way to guarantee you access to all our SERVICES and EXCLUSIVE ADVANTAGES , so that you can get the best deal on the sale of your HOME!

  • This is the only way to guarantee MAXIMUM PROMOTION and EXPOSURE  possible of your Property , National and International;

  • This is the only way to guarantee FINANCIAL and OPERATIONAL INVESTMENT  by the entire Group, necessary to be able to SELL your HOME;  

  • Because it has the SAME COSTS as if it weren't exclusive, and it has EXPONENTIALLY GREATER exposure and disclosure than if it weren't exclusive!

  • Because we work with all NETWORKS and National and International AGENCIES , sharing the Commission!

  • This is the only way to guarantee the maximum DEDICATION and FOCUS in the SALE and PROMOTION of your HOME by all the Stakeholders!

  • The more Agents involved in the Sale, the greater the perception of "distress" for the Market = less negotiation capacity!

  • If you recognize the IMPORTANCE of having only 1 GP , 1 Dentist , or 1 Mechanic for your car, why not recognize the importance of having 1 specialized CONSULTANT  for your BIGGEST ASSET: your HOME.

Because in the end , PAYING THE SAME , you have access to a SERVICE  SUPERIOR , taking less risk, with GREATER SELLING probabilities , for the best VALUE  !

Reunião da equipa


Framework and Objectives

Engrenagens do relógio


We do

Casa moderna



Casal e Arquiteto


We reveal the potential




Know HOW WE DO, to Sell your Home
Reunião da equipa
START - Background and Objectives
  • We present a  Comparative Market Analysis (ACM),  among all the Properties listed in the respective Zone, as well as the main metrics for the current analysis of the Market;

In this way, you have access to all the information available about the Market, which allows you to make decisions based on the existing reality;

  • Definition of the Target Sale Price according to your Objectives;

  • Presentation of the Marketing Plan that we will use to SELL your HOME!


Engrenagens do relógio
LIKE  we do to SELL your HOME

#1  Professional Photo Session to the Property
Photo session with a team of professional photographers, with the highest quality of presentation;

High quality photographs are essential to highlight all the attributes of a Property;

#two  Raising and dissemination on the CENTURY 21 NETWORK

Disclosure on the CENTURY 21 Websites, local and Global (International), and on the CENTURY 21 APP. 

The CENTURY 21 network is present in 81+ countries on 5 continents, with 8,800+ offices and

+ 122,000 real estate consultants, allowing a wide exposure of your property on a worldwide scale.

In an increasingly global market, foreign investment has been increasing.

#3  Exhibition and Sharing with ALL REAL ESTATE NETWORKS, their Agents and Consultants;
Disclosure and sharing with all Real Estate Networks operating in Portugal;

Although the acquisition of the Property by the C21 Agency is exclusively, the sale can be made by a Consultant or Agent from another Real Estate Network other than C21, with a commission sharing between Networks;  

#4  Disclosure Website TEAM MONICA CRUZ
Disclosure and promotion of the Property on the website, with photographs, opinion articles (blog) and technical analysis (when applicable) 
Greater digital exposure taking advantage of the Brand's Digital Marketing Investment, gaining greater exposure and views;
IDEALISTA and IMOVIRTUAL Real Estate Portals
#5  IDEALISTA and IMOVIRTUAL Real Estate Portals

Disclosure in leading Real Estate Portals in Portugal and with an international presence, namely Spain and Italy;

These are the Real Estate Portals with the greatest online presence and the greatest research at a national level, also serving as a basis for dissemination to all Real Estate Agents and Agencies operating in Portugal;

#6  INTERNATIONAL Real Estate Portals  ( 106x )
Investment in dissemination, with emphasis on 106 International Real Estate Portals, present in 61 countries, on 5 continents;

World Exposition in the main International Real Estate Portals, with emphasis present in 61 Countries with +240 Million users; Featured investment allows the property to appear in the top positions;

#7  Digital Marketing on Social Media INSTAGRAM + FACEBOOK 
Greater exposure on Digital through Social Networks, with recourse to investment in advertising campaigns, ensuring greater and wider dissemination of your Property;

#8  Promotion on GOOGLE Sites and partners  (Search and Display Networks)
Investment in Digital Marketing in GOOGLE's Search and Display Networks (including YOUTUBE) and its Research Partners;

GOOGLE is the leader in Internet search: 71.3%;  These Campaigns are directed to National and International targets according to the typology and context of the Property;

#9  Local Marketing: Flyers, Posters and Canvas
Local dissemination using the distribution of Flyers and presentations, affixed plaques and large canvases (when applicable); 

Maximum disclosure in the Place and Zone, as it is often the people who live in the Place who best promote the Property to their Families, as well as people who walk in their favorite area looking for a Property;

#10  Disclosure to Investor Clients and Real Estate Investment Companies
Disclosure to our Investor Clients, through personalized contacts;

They are individuals and companies with whom we maintain a close and privileged contact relationship, who, when interested, present quick decisions and transactions, without recourse to credit;


All this with:

Exclusive contract for the acquisition of the Property, with a 5% commission on the Sale price;

Allows you to ensure the INVESTMENT in the Marketing Plan above
In order to be able to support all costs in terms of Investment in the different actions set out above in the Marketing Plan, we need to ensure the promotion of your Property exclusively;

Logo HOME Gold.png

For properties worth more than €750,000.00 or with HOME SIGNATURE Project


#11  Association to a segmented Brand for the Luxury Market
Association and Promotion through a Brand focused on the Luxury segment, enabling the promotion of the Property in different Targets and allowing access to extra Services and additional exclusive Marketing Tools.

#12  Visit 3D VIRTUAL TOUR
Provision of a Virtual Property Visit tool, through the Website;
Ease of presentation of the Property
Using new technologies, it is possible to visit the property through your computer, allowing and facilitating business even with travel restrictions;


Presentation of an Architectural Study with 3D images, revealing the full potential of your Property through Architecture and Interior Design;

Reveals the Architectural Potential of your Property
Created by our Architecture Department, we allow potential Buyers to know and see the full potential of their Property, not only as it is, but as it could be;

Disclosure on Home Signature's Website and Social Networks INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK, where an investment will be made in promotional campaigns, both at the Local and National level, as well as at the International level, always in the Luxury reference;
Greater Digital Exposure in the Luxury segment:
Promotion using Investment in segmented Campaigns, through the HOME SIGNATURE structure, enhancing National and International dissemination in the Luxury segment;


#15  DIGITAL MARKETING on International Luxury Real Estate Sites
Disclosure on major International Luxury Sites, such as Mansion Global, James Edition, the Wall Street Journal, BellesDemeures, PrimeLocation, Propriétés le Figaro, Lux-Residence, among others;

Increased exposure in the Luxury Segment
Allows to increase the disclosure and exposure of the Property in the Luxury Segment in leading International Portals;

Casa moderna
Maximum EXPOSURE of your Property

Presence of the CENTURY 21 Network in the WORLD

CENTURY21 gold.png

Largest Real Estate Network in the World

+ from 81 countries;
+ 8,800 offices;
+ 122,000 real estate consultants;

C21 gold.png
world Century21.jpg

In addition to the CENTURY 21 Network, we also have a partnership with a NETWORK of INTERNATIONAL SITES ListGlobally


Your Home will be listed on several International Real Estate Portals and Websites, translated into more than 50 languages, guaranteeing you total visibility in an increasingly Global Market!

+ 61 Countries;

+ 106 Websites  all around the world;
+ 240.33 M
  potential buyers

Divulgação digital

Social Networks and Digital Marketing

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Logo HOME Gold.png
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3D STUDY We reveal the full potential of your HOME

Created by our Architecture Department, we allow potential Buyers to know and see the full potential of their Property, not only as it is, but as it could be;

All this, without any cost or investment.

As a result, your HOME is also VALUED; 

Matterport logo.png
DIGITAL VISITS Virtual Tours of your HOME

Through the use of these new digital tools, it is now possible to digitize your home and allow Virtual Visits to be made, in other words, any potential buyer can visit your home without leaving the sofa!

In times of Pandemic and Confinement, it is an essential tool!

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